O’Keefe Stevens Advisory, Incorporated provides financial planning services and value investment management to a clientele of long-term oriented, affluent families. We follow a clearly defined and disciplined Investment Process. We are registered with and regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. A copy of the SEC registration is available upon request.

O’Keefe Stevens Advisory is an independent operation that embodies the value investment approach. Our primary objective is to develop and secure the financial well-being of our clients. We believe in a working relationship that serves the best interests of our clients. Our work often involves other members of the client’s advisory team-- for example, accountants, attorneys, bankers, and insurance brokers. If needed, we stand ready to introduce our clients to other capable professionals and we are happy to work with their existing advisors.

Our contributions for our clients are both technical and behavioral in nature. We utilize our expertise as Certified Financial Planner professionals (CFP®) to synthesize a plan specific to each client’s goals and aspirations. We pay attention to Family Dynamics, Occupational Considerations, Recreational Activities, and finally, Money. We never lose sight of what our client’s value in their life in the context of discussing finances. We provide an investment management solution to achieve these dreams the merges long-term, individual stock management and appropriate cash flow management techniques.

Our goal is to continually achieve a return on investments consistent with preservation of capital and purchasing power while staying consistent with the individual goals of clients. We accomplish this by investing in securities with growth potential, while at the same time, focusing on safety of principal. Crucial to this mission is buying securities when they are priced at a discount to their underlying value.