O’Keefe Stevens Advisory is a team of disciplined “value” investors. We believe that investors can make greater and more consistent gains when they invest in a diverse, but concentrated, portfolio of securities acquired when those securities are priced below their intrinsic value.

Our philosophy stresses minimizing the risk of permanent loss of your capital. By managing investments with a price conscious, risk-forward approach, we believe investors will make greater returns in the long run. Factors in addition to price drive our investment decisions. We evaluate stock and other investments for quality and liquidity, for example. And we invest only after we develop an intimate familiarity with each investment in a client’s portfolio.

We utilize a proprietary checklist to evaluate investment selections. Our checklist encompasses a holistic view of the company. We appraise every investment for opportunities and risks and develop a thesis on how each security will succeed. This process is in a perpetual state of improvement, as each investment presents a new learning opportunity. Our model is disciplined, but not static.

Our intention is to make investments for the long-term in corporations with unique opportunities and we are not limited to any one asset class such as large capitalization, small capitalization, international, or fixed income. Research is focused on individual companies, rather than broader economic markets with the goal of identifying businesses that sell for a discount to their underlying value.

While predominantly an equity investor with a value style our firm can adjust asset allocations among stocks, bonds, and money market funds to accommodate individual client needs.