O’Keefe Stevens Advisory’s governing policy is stewardship. Client’s interests are always placed first and foremost. We serve clients with net worth of five hundred thousand to several million dollars. The team continually strives to improve services by leveraging education, technology, and people in a simple, straight-forward manner. Our service is special for mid-range clients ($2 million to $5 million) who typically do not have access to individualized professional management.

O’Keefe Stevens Advisory provides high quality individualized investment service. Peter O’Keefe and Justin Stevens are the portfolio managers and created the OSA Investment Process. All clients have access to Peter and Justin through individual meetings, quarterly writings, and investor conference calls.

Every client and prospective client is required to participate in a Financial Review prior to opening accounts to evaluate the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats of their financial well-being. This Financial Review document is revised annually and is the foundation to each client’s customized Investment Policy Statement. Prior to accepting clients, we review their investment goals to ensure that their goals are compatible with the firm’s capabilities and philosophy.