We invest client portfolios in a mix of securities such as stocks, corporate bonds, government bonds, and money market funds. The mix among the securities alternatives is determined by their relative attractiveness at a specific time. The national and international economic climates and market conditions are keys in the mix decision.

Portfolios remain in the client’s name, with TD Ameritrade acting as custodian. O’Keefe Stevens Advisory has trading authorization, but does not have authority to withdraw cash or securities.

Clients receive quarterly status reports from O'Keefe Stevens Advisory that set forth the results for the previous quarter and for the year-to-date. These reports are augmented by personal meetings, as desired by the client.  Clients receive monthly independent reports from TD Ameritrade. Reports can be delivered electronically or in hard copy format.

Fees are established, on an individual basis, during personal consultation. Client goals, the amount of funds, and the number of accounts are the major considerations. The fees also reflect O’Keefe Stevens Advisory’s policy of providing personalized high quality service to their clients. They are payable, quarterly, in advance.