Peter O’Keefe has been our financial advisor since 1985. Over the almost 40 years Peter has guided our family through the many different phases and challenges of life. First was the death of my Dad. Peter set up a portfolio for Mom that enabled her to live comfortably for the rest of her life. Peter’s next task was to organize the financial future for both my family as well as my brother’s. Under Peter’s guidance all the families’ financial needs were successfully met. Our retirement portfolios are on target to provide us with a very comfortable lifestyle. Without reservation I would tell anyone that he is trustworthy, honest and genuinely cares for all his clients. I have in the past and will continue to recommend him to anyone looking for financial advice.


We are friends! And I think that is one of the most important parts of the relationship that we have had over so many years.

When he married me, my husband Bill knew that my financial skills were minimal. Although he loved finance and investing, in order to include me and to help me to understand our financial position, we worked with an attorney at Sage Rutty for several years. Eventually, when that person retired, he introduced us to Justin Stevens, who in turn, introduced us to his partner, Peter O’Keefe.

When we first met him, Justin was just out of school; (he had a brand-new suit (which, frankly, at the time, looked too large for him!) But it became clear very soon that he was very bright and very much committed to Peter’s investment philosophy. Justin is a social person, balancing off Peter’s quiet style. Peter is a good teacher and, over several meetings, we soon came to see the results of his way of thinking, which has paid off for us over the years. Justin says that Bill once told him that he would like to leave each of our children a million dollars. That wish has been more than fulfilled!

However, we have gained more from this relationship than we ever expected. OSA has become for us a family enterprise! Several of our family have met Justin and Peter and have decided to join us in investing with OSA. As for Bill and me, such things as bus trips to Corning annual meetings, accompanied by Justin and Beths’ young children, a year-long membership on the OSA Client Advisory Board for both Bill and me, meeting Peter and Renee’s kids, all served to make us feel part of this family.

When Bill and I decided to sell our house, Justin was right there, helping to sell one of our cars, and enjoying the process! When Bill passed away, Justin located tax lawyers, a good estate lawyer, and has helped to figure out the best use for the investments we have earned. However, the best part of this relationship is the time Justin spends with me when I need him. I am forever grateful that I can call any one on the OSA staff and get help, suggestions, or information.

I have no problem recommending O’Keefe Stevens Advisory to anyone who wants to be comfortable and well-invested.


I have been working with Peter and Justin for almost ten years.

I am grateful to my brother and sister-in-law for recommending O’Keefe Stevens Advisory, Inc. 

Being a single mother of two grown children, I struggled financially, and unable at times to contribute as much as I would have liked to a retirement plan. 

With Peter and Justin’s experience and expertise a financial plan was created to suite my financial goals and needs.

In the beginning of our relationship, Justin asked what I wished for. I jokingly said, I would love to have a beach house. With Peter and Justin’s guidance, I can testify that my children and I own a beach house in Hilton Head, South Carolina creating rental property and generational wealth.

I am entering retirement with a sense of financial security.  I look forward to enjoying my golden years.

THANK YOU to Peter, Justin and the entire staff at O’Keefe Stevens Advisory, Inc. for their experience, expertise, accessibility, friendship. 


We started working with Peter O’Keefe many years ago, early in our earning years and his career. He understood we were after growth and always made suggestions of what to invest in and more importantly, when to get out. He would meet with us personally several times a year and was always just a phone call away.

Today, we are reaping the rewards of his management and continue to rely on his advice regarding appropriate investments. Both of our daughters have been clients for years as well because they could see first-hand our success.


I had the pleasure and good fortune of getting to know Peter O’Keefe and Justin Stevens through a business relationship. As a consultant, I worked with small business owners, many of whom were financial advisors. I had been referred to them as a possible resource to guide planning for their developing partnership.

I was immediately impressed with the diligence, discipline, thoughtfulness, and transparency Peter and Justin brought to each one of their client relationships. They were eager to cultivate a practice that was highly-responsive to all types of investor needs.

I decided to move my own investments to O’Keefe Stevens Associates about a year before the global pandemic. When markets were impacted in 2019, it was a nerve-wracking time in many ways, not least for investment account performance. Justin and Peter were stalwart coaches; resolute and reassuring. It was easy to contact and connect with Justin whenever I wanted a review, and despite my own ideas for investments, they never wavered from applying and explaining their investment philosophy. 

As mentioned, it was my good fortune to have met Peter and Justin, and I wholeheartedly recommend OSA. The decision to entrust my goals to them has been one of the best I’ve ever made.


I was first introduced to O’Keefe Stevens almost 15 years ago when retirement was a distant dream. Over several years they provided us with insight and guidance while never pressuring us to make a firm commitment to invest with them. We were treated as clients even though they had yet to actively manage any of our retirement savings. We got to know their team over that time and became believers in their approach to value investing. Several people I know and respect are clients and have experienced significant increases in their personal wealth. Last year, as our retirement grew close and the time was right, we provided them with the first significant portion of our nest egg and we are thrilled with the returns we have seen. As a result we will commit the remaining portion of our savings upon our retirement later this year. We have such confidence in their abilities that we’ve also entrusted them with establishing retirement accounts for our two working daughters and referred close friends to them as well. We highly recommend them for their investment acumen and personal approach with their clients.


I’ve known Peter O’Keefe since college, and I’ve been following his career closely even before I started working with him. I owned my own business and when I started to look at saving for retirement that’s when I decided to reach out to Peter, and I’m incredibly grateful that I did. For nearly 30 years, I’ve entrusted Peter with my family’s investments, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Despite holding a MBA and a Series 7 license for several years, I realized that my time was better spent growing my business. I placed my full confidence in Peter to handle my retirement savings, and he has consistently delivered exceptional results. Setting a clear retirement goal was important to me, and not only did I meet that goal, but I also exceeded it, thanks to Peter’s sound investment advice.

Peter and his team have consistently provided outstanding service throughout the years, offering invaluable guidance at every stage of our lives, especially as we transitioned into retirement. If you’re in search of an honest and reputable investment advisor, I wholeheartedly recommend O’Keefe Stevens Advisory.


We have been investing with Peter O’Keefe for over 40 years. Peter worked with us early on to set goals and targets for our future financial well-being. His partnership with Justin Stevens has only increased our satisfaction with the advice and counsel we receive from their organization.

There are several keys to this long-term and satisfying relationship. The first is the sound financial and investment advice over the years. What may be just as important is the communication between us. Communication is key when you trust someone with your financial future. I can honestly say this is where O’Keefe Stevens excels.

We have been part of regular (quarterly) calls with many of their other clients where discussions range from reviews of investments to overviews of current market issues and performance to in-depth insight into their investing philosophy. The calls always include a question and answer session for a11 attendees. In addition, there are periodic emails which discuss new investments and buy/sell notifications.

We especially want to highlight the regular one-on-one calls with Peter and/or Justin. These calls are critical to ensure both sides understand and agree with the goals and objectives we are striving toward.

Finally, we need to give praise to the staff working with Peter and Justin. They are competent, courteous and very prompt in attending to the details required to keep everything moving.

Great communication, outstanding financial and investing advice, and a superb staff. Everything you need to secure your future.


I can still remember as a young married husband and father of three small children, contacting a trusted close friend of mine to ask his advice regarding a good financial planning firm in the WNY area. He responded by giving me the names of three firms and told me that he had chosen one of them but wouldn’t tell me who he had chosen. He did say that they each brought a different philosophy to their approach with one being more focused on investing close to the index, the second being a larger firm touting their corporate research and active management style of investing and the third being a smaller firm who had this guy named Peter O’Keefe working for them.

After meeting with all three firms, I gave the matter some thought and prayer and asked myself one simple question; which one of these guys do you trust to guide your wife and kids with their financial futures if for some reason you weren’t able to be there for them?

Well, it’s been 35 years since I asked Peter O’Keefe to be that guy and it’s been one of the best decisions of our life. I’m 64 now and my wife and I have three married children and 10 grandchildren and I can say unequivocally, that O’Keefe Stevens Advisory has been with us every step of the way! It’s one thing to have financial planning knowledge and skills and we understand that there are a number of firms that can provide that but what separates O’Keefe Stevens from these other firms is one word; Wisdom. Wisdom is the “secret sauce” that they bring to every conversation and every interaction and that gives us the constant reassurance that their real passion in what they do is to help families like ours achieve our goals and dreams while always acting in our best interest rather than the firms.

On a final note, I recently had the privilege of introducing one of our sons to Justin Stevens and they are now working together on what I’m confident will continue our family’s legacy of successful financial stewardship, generosity and making dreams come true.


We started working with Peter O’Keefe and Justin Stevens 15 years ago. We were thinking ahead to retirement and knew we needed a solid financial plan. Although we had always been careful with our money, we were not investment savvy, by any means. Our early meetings were at Sage Rutty where Peter and Justin earned our trust and loyalty with their personal approach and expert advice. Because they made us feel confident and comfortable with our financial decisions, we followed them when they opened O’Keefe Stevens Advisory 5 years ago.

Today we are financially secure, debt-free, able to travel and enjoy our retirement. How did we do it? We worked with Justin and Peter to create a sound financial plan and we stuck with that plan, making tweaks as necessary along the way. Over the past 15 years, Justin and Peter have become friends as well as trusted financial advisors. Whenever we have questions or need financial help, they are only a phone call away. We highly recommend O’Keefe Stevens Advisory!


We had the pleasure of meeting Peter O’Keefe 41 years ago while he was teaching a continuing education course on investing at a local university. We began cultivating a relationship which involved financial planning and a friendship which continues to grow. We have shared many facets of our lives together, not simply finances.

Peter has met and advised us on aspects of financial health and planning for retirement over most of those 41 years. We find Peter and all members of O’Keefe Stevens to have the attributes of being successful, professional, caring, trustworthy, accurate and approachable. They have furnished advice on other realms of finance, not directly provided by their firm.

Most significantly, we have accrued investments which provide us with the financial security we had set as our goal early on. Choosing O’Keefe Stevens as stewards of our wealth has supplied us with a vast source of knowledge we would not have otherwise. This has all been accomplished in a safe, ethical, fun and friendly way.

A focus on investing early in life guided us to a healthy financial future. O’Keefe Stevens will guide you based on your goals and aspirations. Developing a relationship that works for both planner and investor is paramount to success. We would highly recommend Peter and his team for anyone looking for a financial advisor.


In the early 1980s, Niagara University was offering a night school course on investing with Peter O’Keefe. Knowing very little about investing and nothing about Peter it has turned out to be an excellent partnership.

We have been retired 25+ years and drawn on our investments for that length of time including many trips to Europe. Our expectations and needs have far exceeded our hopes and dreams.

Two of our adult children are clients of O’Keefe Stevens and we see how well they have advised each of them, based on their individual needs.

Everyone at O’Keefe Stevens is knowledgeable, responsive, trustworthy and easy to talk with. Phone calls are returned quickly and questions/concerns addressed. We are comfortable talking with anyone on the O’Keefe Stevens Team.

We have no reservations in recommending O’Keefe Stevens to many of our friends.


Our relationship with Peter O’Keefe dates back many years to a time when Peter assisted us in the financing of college educations for our four children.

Upon retirement in 1991 there was no doubt that Peter was the one to manage our finances. A rollover involving accumulated stock and a lump sum distribution was made to initiate an Individual Retirement Account. The results through the years have been phenomenal! We have spent over 20 years in a comfortable retirement setting with no financial worries. Value investing has paid off handsomely to the credit of Peter and the O’Keefe Stevens organization. We have found O’Keefe Stevens to be energetic, well informed, approachable organization and always available to answer our questions and allay our concerns. In addition, we consider Peter O’Keefe a good friend.

We heartily recommend Peter and the O’Keefe Stevens organization to all who seek investment advice and professional investment services.


We met Peter in 2008 at his office on Delaware Ave. in Buffalo, NY. Martha and I had been working with another Financial Advisor at the time but felt a need for a change. Our first meeting with Peter was refreshing. Peter was straightforward and professional. We could tell that he not only knew how to navigate investments and communicate with clients but also that he enjoyed what he did.

Our two boys were young at the time; we had started accounts for them as well. Peter and his Team transitioned us all over seamlessly from our prior Financial Advisor. What we liked about Peter was that he not only offered knowledge and insight into the investments he was recommending, he also listened to our needs and plans for our future and the future of our sons.

We have been with Peter as has grown his business, added staff and joined with Justin Stevens to form O’Keefe Stevens Advisory, Inc. (OSA). We were honored to participate in a Client Advisory Panel where Peter and his Team sought out our input. We were further pleased when he and his Team implemented changes we recommended.

Peter guided us into retirement. Along the way, leading up to our retirement date Peter listened, coached and advised us on timing and life decisions. We’re happy to report we’ve been retired for 9 years and have appreciated all that OSA has done to make our retirement a financial success! Our sons are on their individual financial paths as well and OSA continues to provide council to them as they grow their wealth. Peter and his Team have fulfilled their promise of being good stewards of our wealth.


Both Claudia and I have known Peter O’Keefe for decades on both a personal and professional level. In addition, we have worked closely with the entire O’Keefe Stevens Team since the formation of their Advisory in 2017 and would highly recommend them for their services.

Understanding the importance of selecting the right partner to work with regarding financial stability and growth Peter and his Team consistently exhibit the foundational traits required for a successful outcome. Integrity, trust, industry knowledge, attention-to-detail, and open communication are characteristics we experience with them during every interaction.

Being recently retired we both relied heavily on O’Keefe Stevens Advisory to guide us through the initial stages and execution of a customized plan to provide financial security for years to come.

Without question we are extremely grateful for their expertise, professionalism, and encouragement, given to us, as we move into the next phase of our lives!


To this day I can still remember our first encounter with Peter O’Keefe, and my wife saying, “are we really going to allow this young kid to invest our money?”. Since that day we have been customers of Peter in up and down years. Today our IRA.’s and personnel investments are representative of the excellent investment advice and decisions made by Peter. We are more than happy with the Peter’s investment advice and decisions he has provided. As I look at our portfolio today we could not be more satisfied with that young kid and the investment advice he has provided over the last 50 plus years. It has been our pleasure to watch and share in Peter’s growth and success over the years.

We were sad to see Peter leave the Buffalo area but have not noticed any change in the outstanding service he is able to provide. Only a phone call away Peter is able to answer any questions we may encounter. His assistance in tax preparation has been extremely helpful and timely.

We would highly recommend Peter as a very conservative, knowledgeable and successful investment advisor.


My Father started using Peter O’Keefe in the mid 1980’s and continue with him until his passing in 2003. Within that period my father recommended Peter to start investing and advising me with my personal Portfolio. After well over 30 years of Peter’s management, especially now with the O’Keefe Stevens Team, my wife Catherine and I remain very confident of the successful planning and investments made for us over the years and into the future.

We have always and will continue to highly recommend Peter, Justin Stevens and the rest of the O’Keefe Stevens Team.


.We have known Peter O’Keefe for close to 40 years and have been clients for at least 35 years. We have always known Peter to be honest and straightforward in his planning and investment advice. He has guided us from newlyweds with very little to invest through educating our children in private colleges to our recent retirement.

It hasn’t always been easy but with the sound advice of O’Keefe/Stevens Advisory, we are happy to say we can retire with the peace of mind knowing we do not have to struggle in our retirement like our families did in their elder years.

We have recommended O’Keefe/Stevens Advisory to family members and would encourage anyone interested in investing to enlist their services. They are a top-notch firm in our opinion. Peter, Justin and their entire staff are always willing to answer our questions and their follow through is amazing.


I have used Peter O’Keefe for many years. I think my father used Peter as a advisor when he worked for Trubee Collins in Buffalo and he recommended Peter to me. I have continued using Peter as my advisor ever since. Although the company name changed several times I stayed with Peter as an advisor and I have always been pleased with how my account was handled. I have now retired and I’ve lived very comfortably largely due to Peter’s advise. I recommended O’Keefe Stevens to both of my sons.


My acquaintance with Peter O’Keefe began in college 40 years ago and grew into a friendship with my financial intereSts and security for my future at its heart. Peter is an advisor that is ethical, knowledgeable and patient. It is obvious that both he and Justin Stevens love what they do.

The amount of time and research that Peter spends on finding the best investments for us is very evident. Also, the excitement and enthusiasm when he communicates his recommendations is refreshingly apparent. These things, to me, are priceless.

My husband and I can’t imagine trusting our investments to anyone else.


I am pleased to share my experience with Peter O’Keefe as my Financial Advisor. I have been working with Peter for over 30 years. I engaged with Peter to develop a sound practice for saving and investing that would allow me to fund my children’s education and permit me to retire by age 60 (about 5 years ago).

Peter listened to my objectives, took time to understand my lifestyle, risk tolerance and the status of my assets and obligations.

Peter in turn put his financial literacy and planning skills to work to develop an effective strategy to help me realize my goals. Peter is the most knowledgeable financial expert I’ve encountered. He does not settle for just expanding his own knowledge in the marketplace. He actively shares his knowledge to keep me informed (and actually better at my own job) . In addition to creating a valuable investment portfolio, Peter has been a partner in every major financial decision I have made, from making a small private equity investment, to buying a second home and changing jobs.

In closing Peter’s client-centric approach, expertise and dedication helped me to meet all my objectives and while I am still working, I do so because I enjoy what I do and that enjoyment is enhanced as I am safe in the knowledge that it is completely a matter of choice that I work, not because I need to. I have Peter to thank for that.


I’m writing today to recommend the services of O’Keefe Stevens Advisory. I’ve known Peter O’Keefe for much of my life, as Peter was a college friend of my sister, and came to know my family many years ago.

Once I began my own career in 1987 as a self-employed sales professional, I realized that any retirement potential and planning would be entirely my own responsibility. While I started investing with another advisor at that time, it quickly became obvious that we didn’t share the same values and philosophy of investing for the long term.

It was at that time that I turned to Peter to begin building a strategy and portfolio with the long term goal being retirement. I appreciated Peter’s disciplined and patient approach to identifying equity investments that were value-oriented based on both fundamental financial and competitive market analyses and then buying those companies at reasonable prices. Sometimes the growth and appreciation have occurred quickly, while other times it’s been a waiting game. However, the aggregate pay-off has resulted in a compounding effect over several decades that places my wife and I in a financial position to consider retirement, whenever we believe the time is right for us.

Yet perhaps the most important role that Peter, and now Justin, have played, is that of behavioral financial coaches: keeping us invested regardless of whatever financial or geopolitical crises have come along that often cause many investors to panic and sell. They know the greatest risk of investing over the long term is NOT being invested at all!

Finally, l have appreciated the resource that the team at O’Keefe Stevens has been for me with tips and suggestions on financial items outside of their immediate investment purview. This has proven invaluable in a few situations in recent years.

I look forward to many more years of investing guidance from Peter, Justin and their team.


My experience with Peter O’Keefe has lasted for over 40 years. During that time I have not been disappointed in the results of my investments.

My husband and I had investments with Peter and then we started a Stock Club with some relatives and friends. We would meet once a month and discuss various Corporations that some of us made a suggestion on, and those that Peter advised and then made investments on Peter’s recommendation. It was an interesting and educational experience and financially sound.

After the stock club dissolved, my husband and I continued to invest with Peter O’Keefe and it has proved to be lucrative and has kept us financially stable.

Peter has always been helpful in advising and explaining his reasoning to invest in a Corporation’s stock.

I also advised my daughter to start an account with Peter, when she started working. She has benefited greatly from her investments and continues to be invested with Peter O’Keefe and Associates!

I am thankful that I invested with Peter O’Keefe over the years. It has proved beneficial to me. I would advise anyone to invest with Peter O’Keefe and his associates. The expertise and knowledge they obtain in reviewing corporations that they invest in, proves to be lucrative.


So much has changed over the past three decades but one of the few constants in my life has been Peter O’Keefe. O’ Keefe Stevens Advisory has had such a profound impact not only on myself, but my children as well.

Raising two children was a considerable challenge and preparing for their future was something I could not navigate alone. Not only did I put my financial future in Peter’s hands, but I invested my kids future with him as well. My faith in Peter and his colleagues was rewarded beyond my wildest expectations. I was fortunate to retire in my early 50’s thanks to their management of my portfolio. In addition, my children’s portfolio has also grown exponentially, and has helped finance their schooling and secured their financial security. My daughter was even able to purchase her first home with the help of O’Keefe Stevens Advisory.

O’Keefe Stevens Advisory has always been incredibly transparent with me and my family. They put my goals before anything else and have consistently been honest and open. In addition to being incredibly instrumental in my financial stability, I feel grateful that I can call Peter a friend. O’Keefe Stevens has always provided myself with sound financial advice over the years and I will always recommend their services, no matter what your financial goals are.


Our journey with Peter O’Keefe’s story began at the bustling Waterfront Racquet Club in downtown Buffalo. We bonded over fitness activities such as running, weightlifting, and racquet sports. At that time, my father was in search of a Financial Advisor outside his usual banking circle. Peter, being a highly respected and skilled Financial Advisor, quickly became a familiar face during our shared workouts.

The friendly debate about who introduced our father to Peter O’Keefe whether it was my brother Peter or I remains unresolved. However, as time has progressed, this detail has become less important. Peter O’Keefe has turned into an indispensable support for our family, offering advice that benefits everyone from my parents to our children. Peter and his team have not only steered my father but also our entire family towards effective and prosperous strategies for various financial planning events.

As my wife and I near retirement, we realized our oversight in not having a comprehensive plan.

Should anything happen to me, my wife would have to manage over eight IRA accounts spread across different companies. Thankfully, OSA helped us consolidate these accounts and provided counsel on fortifying our retirement plan. I might hold the record for the most rollovers in OSA history, and for that, I am thankful for OSA’s expertise in making it happen.

Peter continues to guide my extended family in a consistent, friendly, and professional manner.

Peter and his team are more than good stewards of our family’s wealth, as the test of friendship and time is something of true value.


DISCLOSURE: Testimonials provided above are based on unique experiences from current clients and are not representative of all client experiences. Testimonials are unsolicited, and no cash or non-cash compensation is provided. Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal and fluctuation of value. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.