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Long-Term Focus

We don’t follow short-sighted market buzz, but patiently wait to realize value.

Value Oriented

We shape each strategy around financial & life goals that make investing successful.

Process Driven

Each strategy is directed by a framework that plans meticulously for the future.

No more going it alone.
We’re with you for the long term.

Everyone wants to know they’re making smart financial decisions. With all the different stock varieties and investment strategies out there, it’s difficult to know that you’re on track for the long term. If you’re like most people, you don’t have the time, resources or expertise to make sure.

But if you had a team of financial experts who were devoted to applying their financial knowledge to your goals while providing you personalized advice with a phone call?

Now that would really give you some peace of mind.

Build Wealth Over Time.

Apply our investment strategy so you can get to where you want to be.

Your Investment Plan

Together, we’ll follow your personalized investment plan with patience, transparency and communication. You’ll enjoy financial peace of mind, accomplish life goals and take care of yourself and those you love.

Value Investments



Dividend Growth

In-House Research

Inflation Protection


Cash-Flow Management

Low Turnover

Afraid of Wrong Turns?

We’ll handcraft a roadmap for spending and saving your way to retirement.

Why Our Portfolios Are Different

Value Investors

We love the definition of investing from the father of value investing, Benjamin Graham: “An investment is one which upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and an adequate return.” Our investment process is designed to accomplish this goal.

Your Money Continues to Grow

The rising cost of living and the increasing lifespans of our population mean your money must continue to grow, or you run the risk of spending it down before the end of your life. We invest with the objective to create a lifestyle-sustaining income from your portfolio, while the principal value continues to grow (not shrink) throughout the rest of your life.

We Never Stop Researching

We believe our clients deserve an advisor who has thorough knowledge of the investments in their portfolio. We therefore invest only in investments that we personally research that offer compelling risk to reward relationships. Your advisor will always know exactly what is in your portfolio and what is going on with each company.

Our Team Has the Highest Certifications

We foster a culture of life-long learning and provide every employee with the opportunity to advance their career through education. Our investing team consists of Chartered Financial Analysts or CFA® charter holders and Certified Financial Planners® or CFP® designation holders. These are the industry gold standard for investment management and personal financial planning.

Our View On Risk

The financial community often confuses risk with volatility. We believe considering the downside risks of an investment as simply the most important thing we do. In our opinion, we view short-term volatility not as risk, but rather as an opportunity.

Our View On Diversification

A well-diversified portfolio does not need to include hundreds or thousands of investment positions that we know little about. We prefer a concentrated portfolio of 25-30 investments that we are intimately familiar with. We achieve diversification when we own businesses in a variety of sectors, with different size businesses, doing business across different geographies or regions of the world. Diversifying yourself against a variety of risks can be achieved without owning the entire stock market.

Portfolios Managed with Discipline & Care

Each of our clients investment portfolio is hand-crafted to align with their financial plan. While our clients’ portfolios mostly contain the same stock selections, the exact blend is unique to each client. This is necessary because every client has different needs, started at a different time, and has unique planning considerations when it comes to investing. There’s no “one-size fits all solution” at O’Keefe Stevens Advisory.

We Do Better When You Do Better

Our fee structure is fair and transparent. We charge a 1% fee, and our business results move in sync with our clients success. This simple arrangement is designed to eliminate unnecessary time and attention being devoted to complex fee schemes and varying arrangements amongst different clients. We believe we can earn you a 1% better return than you would on your own by applying our process. We believe we can save you 1% by avoiding common investor pitfalls and capturing opportunities. And, we believe we can save you 1% of your time, effort, and energy when it comes to researching, implementing, and monitoring you own investments.

Words from Our Clients

“Your research continues to make us very confident and comfortable in O’Keefe Stevens as our financial advisors.”

— Kristine and Michael

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