Retirement planning for a confident future

Nearing Retirement

We help you make important decisions  leading up to retirement.

Saving & Investing

We create cash flow and investment plans that protect your future.

Giving Back

We show you how to maximize your impact for the causes you care about. 

Retire With Confidence, 
Retire With Purpose.

If you’re closing in on retirement, you know how the big questions start to nag you: 

Am I saving enough? Am I investing correctly? Will I have enough to take care of myself and those I love?

Once you have answers, that happy, successful
retirement seems closer (and better) than ever before. Let’s start planning together.

First, Let’s Check Your Retirement Readiness.

We’ll chart your current progress against where you want to be.

How We Assess Your Readiness

We’ll meet with you and listen to all your plans and life goals. Then, we’ll go over your financial information and conduct an in-depth analysis, showing you exactly where you stand.








Life Goals


Debt Elimination

Tax Planning

And more.

Then, We Hand-Craft Your Custom Plan.

No data-entry algorithms, just tested analysis and proven strategies that are easy to understand.





Personalized Retirement Advice

Spending and
Saving Plan

What Goes Into Your Plan?

After we’ve factored in every goal and variable that can affect your financial life, we’ll come up with your customized, step-by-step plan. Best of all, we look for opportunities to align your financial goals with your life’s purpose helping you make wise use of your money.

And, we follow your plan with you.
Every step of the way.

After we present your plan, we regularly check in with you and review your current life realities, retirement goals and investments to make sure you’re on track.

You Live your Life

Rest easy knowing your trusted guide is taking care of your financial life. You’ll enjoy spending money on things that bring joy and purpose to your life, without worrying that you’re risking your future security and comfort.

Call Whenever You Need Us

Whenever something comes up, we’ll be there to give you sound financial advice. It can be anything from a big purchase to a challenging life event. We’ll apply our financial framework, conduct thorough research and make sure you have the right answers.

A Closer Look:
What Makes Us Different?

We Are Fiduciaries

We act as stewards of your wealth. The role of a fiduciary is a serious one. Our commitment is to act as a responsible partner to you. We do not offer products or services that violate this commitment and have eliminated conflicts of interest in our compensation structure.

Long-Term, Retirement Focused

The two biggest risks facing retirees today are, 1) longevity, and 2) inflation. Without properly addressing these risks, many retirement plans will fall short and eventually lead to asset spend-down. Our objective is to create a plan that provides a growing and lifestyle-sustaining income to support you as costs go up throughout a multi-decade retirement.


We believe our clients’ financial lives will be better when a well-documented Plan, Process, and Philosophy are in place. Our financial plans are designed to provide funding for living your life with purpose.

Straightforward Fee

You should know what you are paying for and the value it provides. Our fees are plain and simple. We charge a fee that ranges from $750 to $5,000 for a Financial Plan with a money-back, satisfaction guarantee. The fee charged is dependent on the specific needs of the Client, complexity of financial planning issues to be addressed by the Advisor and projected time expenditures required to complete the financial planning process. Our investment management fee is 1%, with no hidden-costs, extra investment charges, or commissions related to product sales. We believe you should always be able to tell exactly what you’re paying for when it comes to planning and investing.

Our Team Has the Highest Certifications

We foster a culture of life-long learning and provide every employee with the opportunity to advance their career through education. Our planning team consists of Certified Financial Planners® or CFP® designation holders. This is the industry gold standard for personal financial planning and encompasses Retirement Planning, Income Taxation, Insurance Planning, Estate Planning, Ethics, Investments, and Planning Fundamentals.

“Is It a Fit?” Approach

Our process starts with a Discovery Call or Meeting to first determine if we like one another enough to start out in a business relationship. There’s no expectations in these early meetings, as it’s most important that we find out if we have a strong basis for a mutually beneficiary relationship that will span many years.

We Do Our Own Analysis

Reliance on financial software products have become the standard way most CFP® professionals operate. These tools tend to overcomplicate and confuse because of the “black box” between input data and output results. Our in-house tools are built using Microsoft Excel and are designed to be simple and action-oriented. Most importantly, you can manipulate them on your own and understand how they work. We take the extra time to do it this way because we believe, for the utmost financial confidence, your plan should be accessible by you at any time.

Peter O'Keefe and Justin Stevens investment advisory

Words from Our Clients

“I’ve said to Bob, ‘How can they sleep at night, working with so many people’s financial security?’ But your year-around effort to teach clients your market principles and investment strategy is remarkable.”

— Esther (and Bob)

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