January 24th, 2024 2023 was an eventful year, with our largest position, Nvidia (NVDA), appreciating over 200% as AIbecame mainstream. […]
Author: Dominick D’Angelo The End of an EraLike the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania (21-0 when he lost to Brock […]
Nvidia graphics logo
I spent the month of July putting together my thoughts on our largest portfolio holding, Nvidia. As an owner of this business, I think it would be well worth the time to read this document to better understand our position and our team's thinking about how to proceed.
Author: Dominick D’Angelo Same Story, Different Year Tech dominated the first half of 2023, with the seven largest components of […]
Quarterly Investor Letter Q1 2023 Author: Dominick D’Angelo Banking – A Commodity Business Without the Upside Not surprisingly, our focus […]
Quarterly Investor Letter Q4 2022 Author: Dominick D’Angelo Lessons From 2022 The market and our portfolios had a challenging year […]
Quarterly Investor Letter Q3 2022 Author: Dominick D’Angelo What a Difference a Year Makes Entering 2022, markets were at or […]
Quarterly Investor Letter Q2 2022 Author: Dominick D’Angelo Follow Up – Management Incentives Our Q1 2022 letter discussed the ongoing […]
Quarterly Investor Letter Q1 2022 Author: Dominick D’Angelo Recent Thoughts – Management Incentives What should an investor in a company […]
Quarterly Investor Letter Q4 2021 Author: Dominick D’Angelo Portfolio Update Teekay LNG (TGP) – On October 4th, Teekay LNG announced […]

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